Restaurant & spa

Restaurang igloo åre

We want our guests to enjoy their stay.We believe in good ingredients, a little love and personality. We have a great challenge: the food is served in minus degrees and then we need to be flexible and creative.

Our biggest igloo is a restaurant for about 20 people. Here you can order dinner for larger groups or with friends. Next to the restaurant is our lounge located, where you can enjoy a warming cup of Irish coffee or hot chocolate. In the restaurant our overnight guests eat either hot soup or a 5-course dinner, depending on what they have pre-booked. It also serves breakfast on the morning after.

The package "Overnight in igloo" includes overnight stay, goulash soup for dinner and a Jämtlandic breakfast.
OPTIONAL: Replace goulash soup and book a 5-course dinner in the restaurant igloo that also includes a swim in our spas. 700 SEK / person. (Dinner and spa bath)


Spabad igloo åre

In our area there are two outdoor pools, for maximum 14 persons / 7 each. There is also a small infrared sauna for heat or change of clothes. It is possible to book into après-ski with spa bath, spa bath or additions. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information 







information igloo ÅreBooking ANd information


Contact us for more information or booking: eller phone +46 647-300 60.

Here you can read more and see our rates and book through our Onlinebooking >>

iglooHow to build igloo Åre?

Igloo Åre is built of natural snow that is built up again every year. Therefore, it will never look the same from year to year. Igloo Åre takes about 3000 hours to build and work is started as soon as Mother Nature to release sufficient amounts of snow.


temperature iglooWhat temperature should I set myself in?

Snow has normally a temperature of about 0 to minus a few degrees. The snow is a good insulator against any temperature fluctuations, which means that the temperature inside the igloo rarely change significantly. When it is full with guests and everyone eats hot food the temperature may rise slightly but is soon back down to normal.


paymentHOW TO PAY?

All reservations are made in advance via internet or telephone. Payment is made in advance. For that which is bought on the spot, drinks , souvenirs etc. paid preferably with credit card.